Tips on Holdem – 5 Huge Mistakes You’re Making

Are you annoyed that you aren’t winning at poker? Well, these Texas Holdem tips are sure to help you.

You can’t win at poker unless you learn these Texas Holdem mistakes. They aren’t the big pots that win you the most money, but they are the ones that stack the biggest chips on the table.

Yes, it’s easy to win at poker, and yes, it’s easy to make a lot of money, but the ones that really make you add a lot of chips, they are the ones that will get you the most success. And the biggest reason why you want to learn them is because they are quite useful for the later stages of tournaments.

Texas Holdem Tips On Holdem #1

The first and easiest mistake to make is playing too many pots. This is especially a problem when you are playing draw cards. Because when you play to the river you have a lot less chips to gamble with.

It’s almost always better to fold around one third of the time you aren’t sure if you have the nuts or not.

Texas Holdem Tips On Holdem #2

The second mistake is getting way too aggressive with too many weak cards. When you play A or lower, and someone bets substantially, you want to call them to see if you hit the Flop. However, we want to push out the players with really weak hands, and hit heads up in about half the hands we play.

Texas Holdem Tips On Holdem #3

The third mistake is building up to the river with nothing. When we have pockets or some other hand, we are hoping for a flush, or a pair, to follow up the hand. However, if we have a weak hand at the river, we are hoping for a bluff to try and make up for our losses.

Texas Holdem Tips On Holdem #4

The fourth mistake is marginal callers. Players that call the bets on the flop and the turn without really understanding what they are doing. They could be figuring that the bets will be there all night, and so they can call them, or they could be doing that because they are waiting for a better spot.

Texas Holdem Tips On Holdem #5

The fifth mistake is marginal play on the turn. The turn has a lot of danger. If you let players see a turn card they will most likely bet on the flop, so if you aren’t heads up, or you aren’t 100% sure you have the better hand, you want to make sure you bet the turn as strongly as you would bet the flop.

Imagine what it would be like to completely crush the poker game and be a constant winner. How would it feel to completely control the game and those around you with your massive poker skills. Think about what you would do with all of that money and how much easier it would be to get it.

Now you are realizing that becoming a 7meter professional wasn’t just a dream, and you are realizing that you can achieve a lot of things that you have always dreamed of if you want to get to the poker rooms. You want to find and read more Texas Holdem tips so you can become a successful poker player.

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