Poker Strategies – Betting Style Alterations Based on Your Situation

Situational Betting – When to Change Your Poker Betting Structure

Situation dependent poker strategies are often employed by poker players that play a tight-aggressive poker style. These situations are rare, but when they occur the player can be forced into making a decision that isn’t normally advisable. This forces the player to rethink his starting hand strategy and how to read opponents for the better or worse. There are some situations that you should just stay with your current hand strategy no matter what.

Sometimes forcing yourself to play in a different way than you normally would when you are forced to play against a very aggressive player can help you get more return on your investment than if you normally would. I discuss several of these situations in another article. But, the best place to start is by forcing yourself to play in a different way than you would normally. I discuss using table position in another article.

You should not make big changes in your poker betting strategy based on one hand. One rare situation may warrant a big change, but even in the majority of cases, stick with your current hand strategy. ced to play more hands, raise with hands, and call more raises than you would normally. The larger the number of hands you are forced to play, the more difficult it is to judge the situation and you will have to be willing to take a lot of risk in order to do so.

Some hands, like AA or KK, are stronger in one situation and weaker in another. When playing in a particular hand you should not be thinking about the odds unless it is a hand you are highly likely to win and are definitely going to win. If you have A-6 and the board is A-T-4, you should probably bet out, since you have made a lot of money by now anyway.

With hands that are more likely to lose than win, you should usually stay in or around the money. If you stay in and bet on the same hand, you will probably make approximately the same amount of money whether you make your hand or not. If you are an extremely aggressive player, you may want to stay in as well, even when you have a poor hand. Now, if you are playing against timid players, you might want to hunt them down and cut your losses when you have a weak hand.

One of the problems of internet dewalive is player personality. personality is a description of how the player plays the game. Some players are overly aggressive, while others are too passive. Just because you are playing against a player with a loose, aggressive image, you shouldn’t automatically assume they are weak. Some extremely aggressive players can be very good in reality, but they can also be bad. Players with a loose-aggressive image are more likely to call with hands like JQ or A7 suited, and to raise with hands like QQ. If either of these things happens, you now have a situation where you will have to bet at the river (which is a bad place to be, as we will see).

Hands that are obviously good, like squared, suited connectors, are more likely to lose if they are involved in a lot of pots. This is also true of hands with low card values. Hands with low card values have less of a chance of winning in the long term, if they are part of a bad beat, and obviously, if they are part of a bad beat.

So, hands that are good, will not make you a lot of money, if you are playing enough hands. As I mentioned, if you do not become a very aggressive player, you will probably lose a lot of money in the long term. What you want to do is to make enough money that you can hang in there, and double up. That way, you will be ahead, at least for the time being. Hang in there, as long as possible.

Bluffing Your Way to the Poor House

One of the reasons that I find it profitable to play poker, is because of bluffing. If you consistently bluff your way to the poor house, over time, you will be the bad guy. It doesn’t matter what cards you have. If you decide one time that you are going to bluff, and you get caught, you will get walked right into the casino and they don’t have to worry about their money anymore.

When you play, for money, you cannot afford to become whiners. You need to find a way to be aggressive without giving anything away. You need to show strength, without getting caught. If you can’t do this, you will find that you have a lot of trouble in the long run.

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