Improve Your Sit and Go (Sng) Game

Your opponents in the small blind or big blind should not be able to eliminate you from the game as easily. Whether you play a six handed game or a nine handed game, you always want to maintain a balance of heads and tails. Whenever there is a heads up between two opponents the odds are that they possess better hands than you do. This is why nine handed poker tables are usually the most profitable tables for short handed Sng players.

Short handed Sng games are usually more profitable than nine handed Sng games. The reason for this is that the bets tend to be smaller in comparison to fixed limit and no limit Sng games. While in nine handed Sng games, a small bet in the big blind could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars, these small blinds amounts are much more manageable. Once you learn the ropes in short handed Sng games, you can then start to take down bigger pots. The reason for this is that a player who knows how to choose his spots more carefully will have a distinct edge over his opponents.

If you want to be a profitable Mega88 player, the best tip that I can give you is to learn how to play more than one type of game. Not all games suit all types of players. Playing three types of games and especially at higher stakes levels may prevent you from developing the required poker skills needed for the higher level games, but it can also allow you to play more than one game at a time, which may be more suited to a particular type of player. For example, I have often found that players who are good at heads-up play (as well as other forms of non-headwork) tend to be better multi-tablers than those who are good at heads-up SNGs. Those who are good at heads-up SNGs tend to be better multi-table players than those who are good at heads-up games.

In addition, the nature of the game, being very low variance, lends itself better to players who are good at adjusting their game. While your game is tightening up in the initial stages, the blinds will be small in comparison to the chip stacks. This will allow you to steal more blinds, and apply pressure to your opponents. It is also worth mentioning that in ten player SNGs, if you are very aggressive, you can often steal the blinds by making large bets.

Heads-up play is really all about the mind. How you approach the game will largely depend on your mental approach to the game. If you are used to seeing many flops and backing your hands in the expectation of a big payout, heads-up play will not suit you. In the initial stages, change your mindset and look at the game as a many small points. Heads-up play is a far more psychological game than regular SNG poker.

It is not easy to become a great player that can dominate at heads-up poker. But if you have the right mental approach and the right strategy, you will have a chance. I have become a better heads-up player over the years and believe that my approach toward the game has improved significantly.

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