How to Choose a Poker Calculator

Is there anybody out there who plays the lottery every week? Do you hear about people going to Las Vegas, Arizona, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Texas, or California to play the major lotteries? Few people have the time, or even the means, to go to these places to get their shot at the big game. You can’t always stay at home mowing lawns or doing housework to support yourself. Maybe you are a stay at home parent, or your kids are grown and gone, and you are bored. This is a perfectly acceptable reason to buy more lotto tickets.

In recent years, though, I’ve come across software that might just be the answer to my prayers. Software that I can install on my computer, and use to count cards, and turn numbers over on my PDA. Check out the reviews of the Afa Poker Calculator at It looks pretty cool, and they are offering it for a very reasonable price. It saves me time every week to write out the numbers and then mark them out on my cards. It also eliminates the time it would take to have to write out the numbers and the nifa (affles) to write them on my cards.

While I have used a few of these types of software, I have found most of them to be either too complicated, or not reliable enough to depend on everyday. I like to keep things simple, so I recommend the Priapay Poker Calculator. It is simple to use, yet very effective. In fact, I seem to be using it right now. You can determine if you are making the right bets, just by running simple scenarios through it to determine what cards provide a better probability of winning. It is still not the same as card counting, but it gives you a good starting point to make your decisions based on the right probabilities.

Card counting is completely legal in the US. However, if you do get caught, your poker room is going to take a look at your records, and they will most likely let you know, then you may have problems moving further up the ladder in the poker rooms.

However, if you are just going to get a poker calculator, or a poker assistant, you can get a great deal of help with money management. TheHoldem Managerby ClickBank is a poker calculator that lists a number of useful statistics. You can list your bankroll, your winnings, and your losses, and it will tell you what you should be doing, or not doing, with your hand. This software will also highlight hands that you need to fold, and hands that you can keep playing. Chances are, you won’t be perfect at this game, where you are able to hold certain hands, and then push other hands, but then get beat by a bigger hand. With this software, you can be sure you are not making moves that will cost you too much money.

Of course, a poker calculator program will not be useful, if it does not have an interface that is easy to use. Most interfaces will be very simplistic, but fairly effective. Most of the best poker calculators have an included interface creator, so you will be able to go directly into the program to find your information. Some interfaces, though, come with the software as a download. You will need to right click on the downloaded version to download it, then go to your computer’s UNC folder, and then go into the “gpablue” folder. Most interface makers will put the program in a folder named “com” which is under the software components folder. If you are following the old directions to install a poker assistant, note that the latest version of that program can be found at the Google search engine. For a older version, you can go to themaker’s website.

Themaker’s website should direct you to the download page for the program. Some programs are more robust than others, and some have additional add-ons such as bankroll calculators and other assistants. The file you choose should include the folder you will need to use the program.That’s it! You are ready to go! If you are not quite sure what to do, you can use the search engine to find the program you want. Some of the programs you might try are the Texas Calculatem, the Holdem inferorettes, and the Ace HUD.

I hope this article has helped you to select your first poker calculator. The programs that come with the .exe file are generally more advanced than those that come without the exe, and some of them are even more sophisticated than the exe.

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