Can You Win Pick 3 Lottery With Special Versus Gross Numbers?

The most popular Dewavegas game in the world is the Pick 3 lotto, because it is so easy to play and the odds are low. Although learning how to play the Pick 3 lottery might seem like a simple task, but to be successful in this kind of lottery playing definitely needs a lot of patience and knowledge about numbers. There are definitely many opportunities when it comes to learning how to make a Pick 3 lotto number prediction. Furthermore, there are also systems available on the Internet that can help you make a Pick 3 lottery prediction. In this article we will find out more about what numbers you should never bet on in the North Carolina Pick 3 lottery.


  1. Any number: You can bet on any number that has been drawn in the North Carolina Pick 3 lottery. Although it has to be stated that it is easier to win betting on any particular number that has been drawn, but you have to bear in mind that the chances of winning are also lower.
  2. Alike: If you’re betting on the same number then you have to match the same digit in the exact order as what was drawn.
  3. Pattern match: When you’re betting on a set of numbers the same as what was drawn, you have to match the exact number in the exact order as what was drawn.
  4. Sweet: This is when you bet on a group of numbers and at the same time a number was drawn that contains the same letter or number sequence as what you’re betting on.
  5. Six ways: This is a bet where you will bet on a set in three different ways. You can bet on first, second or third six-way combination.
  6. Correct score: If you mark off the six-digit number in your ticket correctly you will win the prize at hand.
  7. No matter how you do it: If you think you’re going to win and you have not won yet, you can continue to mark the same number until you will win. If you win, then you have to inform the retailer of the number that you choose.
  8. Cow Cake: This is a bet where you bet on a three-digit number that repeat themselves and the amount within the bet. Usually, this number will repeat between 0-28.
  9. dime a dozen:Watch out for this bet because the chances are very slim. This bet will only allow you to bet a dollar a dozen.
  10. two pair: This bet will allow you to bet on two individual numbers. To indicates that you have chosen two out of the three numbers that match your toss, you will have to indicate the order of the number on your ticket by placing your finger on the lettered lines of the number set.

There are also other methods that many experienced players use to choose the winning numbers or to at least increase their chances in winning. Players can find a number of resources and bets online that can help them increase their chances of winning.

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